About Us:

We were founded in 2021 by a group of competition barbecue enthusiasts from North Texas who understand that while the landscape of the competition scene may be ever-changing, with barbecue there will always be a place for tradition.  You – the cooks – told us that, and we heard you.  Loud and clear. While we held positions with another sanctioning body, we were often times referred to as the Outlaws.  Breaking away from the pack, we started the Outlaw BBQ Association to hold fast to the principles that had served us well for so many years – good friends, good fun, and fair judging.  And with over 100 combined years of competition experience in our leadership ranks, you can bet we know how to bring all three to every competition we run.

Be an Outlaw!

The Outlaw BBQ Association is proud to be a barbecue competition sanctioning organization of the cooks, by the cooks and for the cooks.  We’ll see you on the competition trail, and may the best cook walk last!

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